Running a non-profit is hard enough, but trying to retain the attention of current donors and gain new supporters in the barrage of crowded marketing messages today can make it even harder. We know from experience. We have been running a local non-profit for years.

Brand Voodou can help your organization in many ways, from new messaging to new marketing. We can also help your current team by facilitating creative sessions, to not only fill your next 12 months with fresh ideas, but also help to motivate and inspire.

We are also more affordable than you may think. We will provide a discounted non-profit rate on projects to help you get the expertise you need while helping to keep your budget under control. Before you plan another event, outreach or marketing campaign, give us a call.

We have a wide range of experiences in inspiring and engaging with people directly through event marketing, messaging and outreach campaigns. If you are looking for big agency level expertise at a boutique size agency cost, reach out to set up a time to discuss your needs and see our portfolio of non-profit organizations who have gone through the same process.