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Brand Channeling


Brand Voodou believes that every organization and brand has a spirit that many times gets buried over the years. We believe that every brand has a mission, a reason for being, a value that needs to be brought out.

We start our engagements with clients with a discovery session that will help to define goals, direction and needs so the strategy employed becomes a powerful force for the whole organization to follow.

From established brands, to start-ups, nothing is more powerful than a shared vision of the mission of the organization.

Brand Vision

We create a plan to gather internal data through conversations with your leadership, team and customers to be able to develop a Unique Brand Vision. We can facilitate the conversations locally, or nationally to bring together all of the aspects that makes your brand or organization unique in the marketplace.

Brand Voice

Just as every brand has a visual image, so too does it have (and requires) a voice. We develop internal brand guidelines to establish a consistent voice for each brand to maintain a consistent message both internally and externally in your market. We can help establish core values for your team and well as brand voice guides, internal brand guidelines and ways to engage with internal teams and external audiences.

Brand Strategy

Creating a brand strategy is more than a marketing plan, it is the long term vision to achieve longevity in the market. Being in business without a strategy is like attempting to sail around the world without a map. We help to not only create the vision and plan, but also help to create budgets that will allow you to reach intended markets over a long period of time. From internal structure changes to exterior advertising, marketing or events we can help you creative a memorable brand experience that provides results.