Branding for small businesses is important, but isn’t always on the top of your to-do list. It takes time to find the right people to do it. We get it! So to save you a little time, we want to highlight why Brand Voodou is different from any other branding agency in Detroit.

You’ll be hard pressed to find an agency with an impressive combination of traditional expertise with emerging technologies like Brand Voodou. We are a thoughtful marketing agency with extensive knowledge on branding and advertising for small businesses. We cover the complete spectrum of traditional and digital marketing tools while maximizing the effect of your budget (and no more than that!) while highlighting the points that make your brand different than the rest!

Brand Voodou has extensive experience with branding for small businesses; therefore providing a high-level of expertise in brand image creation, web development, promotional material designs, traditional advertising, social media marketing, digital advertising, email marketing, content marketing, programmatic advertising, re-marketing, retargeting, search engine optimization (SEO, search engine advertising, pay-per-click (PPC), Google Analytics and more.

Brand Voodou breathes new life into your brand to engage your audiences so you can build your brand the way you have always wanted to. Reach out to us and we can sit down and discuss how we will achieve your goals!