Brand Voodou is a boutique advertising agency in Metro Detroit that focuses on the creative aspects of developing brands. Not only can our strategists come up with creative ideas to launch a new product or breathe new life back into an established brand, but we understand the importance of focusing on the strategy behind all of the work that we do. To us the creative process is an important one. The main focus of our business is on brand strategy and helping brands discover their identity.

As a boutique advertising agency Metro Detroit, Brand Voodou is able to produce big results without the traditional mindset of a big agency. Unlike a traditional agency we make sure to focus on exploring every aspect of your brand and asking the question “why” during ever part of our process. Our team of specialist have experience ranging from brand strategy, web development, social media, pay-per-click, SEO, traditional advertising, creative direction, packaging design and more. We are interested in providing work that immerses our clients customers into their brand and putting together a process that will help both parties understand which tactics are the best to use and why.

Are you looking for a boutique advertising agency Metro Detroit that will not only produce creative work for you but will help you discover the power of your brand? Brand Voodou can help you bring your brand back to life. Interested in the work that Brand Voodou has produced over the last three decades? Contact us to set up a time to go through our spell book of results for the many local, national and international clients we have served.